Best-Selling Author Keynote Speakers

Best-Selling Author Keynote Speakers

Authors have a special literary talent to capture the attention of the reader and convey a story people can relate to. From politics and economics, to fiction and biographies of history's most prominent figures; these authors have something important to share with any group. Engage your audience with thought-provoking speeches from our network of best selling authors.


Jason Hewlett

Leadership Expert, Inspirational Humorist, Emcee, Entertainer & Musician

Travels from UT

$20,000 - $30,000

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Will Guidara

Restaurateur; Eleven Madison Park, The #1 Restaurant in the World, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Au

Travels from NY

$50,000 & Above

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Kevin Brown

Motivational Speaker, Author & Inspirational Storyteller

Travels from FL

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Rorke Denver

Navy SEAL Commander & "New York Times" Best-Selling Author

Travels from CO

$30,000 - $50,000

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Will-Guidara', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rorke-Denver', 'Amy-Purdy']

Amy Purdy

Author, Philanthropist, Pro-Snowboader, DWTS Finalist & Paralympic Medalist

Travels from CO

$50,000 & Above

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Will-Guidara', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rorke-Denver', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Mick-Ebeling']

Mick Ebeling

Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs, International Speaker, Author, CEO at The Ebeling Group

Travels from CA

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Ross Shafer

Hilarious Change Expert

Travels from CO

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['Jason-Hewlett', 'Will-Guidara', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rorke-Denver', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'ross-shafer', 'Alex-Banayan']

Alex Banayan

National Bestselling Author of "The Third Door", "Forbes" 30 under 30, Named Wor

Travels from CA

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['Jason-Hewlett', 'Will-Guidara', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rorke-Denver', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'ross-shafer', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Lonnie-Mayne']

Lonnie Mayne

Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Authority, CEO & Founder of Red Shoes Living

Travels from UT

$20,000 - $30,000

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Will-Guidara', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rorke-Denver', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'ross-shafer', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Lonnie-Mayne', 'Heather-McGowan']

Heather McGowan


Travels from MA

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['Jason-Hewlett', 'Will-Guidara', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rorke-Denver', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'ross-shafer', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Lonnie-Mayne', 'Heather-McGowan', 'Shawn-Achor']

Shawn Achor

Positive Psychology Expert, Harvard Professor

Travels from TX

$50,000 & Above

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Will-Guidara', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rorke-Denver', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'ross-shafer', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Lonnie-Mayne', 'Heather-McGowan', 'Shawn-Achor', 'Craig-Karges']

Craig Karges

Extraordinist, Speaker, Entertainer, Author

Travels from PA

$10,000 or Less

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