Music / Entertainment Keynote Speakers

Music / Entertainment Keynote Speakers

If you're looking to make a splash at your next corporate event then look no further than SpeakInc’s music and entertainment speakers. With a wide range of genres and talents, SpeakInc has exactly what you’re looking for draw attention to your event and entertain your attendees.


Michael Cavanaugh

Grammy & Tony Nominated Lead From Broadway's "Movin' Out"

Travels from NV

$50,000 & Above

['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8']

The Passing Zone

Corporate Humor With a Twist

Travels from CA

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['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers']

The Water Coolers

New Music & Comedy About Having A Job

Travels from NY

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['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa']

Tonic Sol-fa

Vocal Quartet - A Cappella Group

Travels from MN

$10,000 or Less

['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons']

Jade Simmons

Powerhouse Speaker, Rockstar Concert Artist, & Born Storyteller

Travels from TX

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['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Felipe-Gomez']

Felipe Gomez

Devout Pianist, Renowned Peak Performance & Entrepreneurial Mindset Expert

Travels from GA

$30,000 - $50,000

['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Felipe-Gomez', 'Jimmy-Wayne']

Jimmy Wayne

Keynote Speaker, "New York Times" Best-Selling Author, Award Winning Recording Artist

Travels from TN

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['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Felipe-Gomez', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daryl-Davis']

Daryl Davis

Musician, Author, Internationally Acclaimed Conflict Navigator, Compelling Unifier, and Klan Whisper

Travels from MD

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['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Felipe-Gomez', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daryl-Davis', 'Gregory-Offner']

Gregory Offner

Keynote Speaker | Coach | Workshop Facilitator

Travels from PA

$10,000 - $20,000

['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Felipe-Gomez', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daryl-Davis', 'Gregory-Offner', 'marco-tempest']

Marco Tempest

Magician & Techno-Illusionist

Travels from NY

$30,000 - $50,000

['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Felipe-Gomez', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daryl-Davis', 'Gregory-Offner', 'marco-tempest', 'Christine-Cashen']

Christine Cashen

America's Top Humorista

Travels from TX

$10,000 - $20,000

['Michael-Cavanaugh', 'Passing-Zone8', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'tonic-sol-fa', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Felipe-Gomez', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daryl-Davis', 'Gregory-Offner', 'marco-tempest', 'Christine-Cashen', 'Jesse-Itzler']

Jesse Itzler

Bestselling author of "Living With A SEAL",Keynote Speaker, Endurance Athlete & Entrepreneur

Travels from GA

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